KT CANNON™ is a flagship project of Braveworld and its NextGenimation division.

The titular character, raised by a secret group of crimefighters in Kansas City, eventually moves to a small town on the Space Coast of Florida and meets up with a girl also raised by that same group. They soon become best friends and ultimately, allies in the battle against a radical billionaire philosopher/activist who seeks to create a totalitarian, globe-spanning regime.

KT CANNON™ is intended to be a multimedia venture with avenues in television, music, digital media, and more—all of which tell different parts of the story of KT and his friends. The series’ invigorating storylines and memorable characters aim to captivate audiences and inspire them to take a stand without being preachy or overtly political.

We at Braveworld believe that KT CANNON™ will have a true impact on society and we hope you will join us as we take this ambitious leap of faith. As KT would say, let’s rock and roll!