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For the last 4½ years, KT CANNON™ has really been a labor of love for me. What started as a rather run-of-the-mill project based on SONIC THE HEDGEHOG-styled characters has developed into something which is truly unique and stands on its own. And while good things take time, and there is a lot of work to do even now, I am excited and proud to introduce the next major step in the initial development stages of NextGeneration’s flagship series.

In the combined space of over a year, I commissioned Misty Luther (a.k.a. Genisay) to create new, improved character reference sheets for the series’ main hero and heroine, who respectively are KT Cannon™ and Lauren Lockhart™. The new reference sheets supersede early references created by Boris Killingbeck II (RB9) in 2013, which were in turn used by Karckade to create a commissioned promotional image that same year. Genisay’s designs also better flesh out the look of KT and Lauren, as well as their standard outfits. These new references will be incorporated in the 2nd edition of KORE VALUES, the official series guide, and will be used for all KTC-related material going forward. In the future, Genisay will also be assisting in redesigning Blade Ross™ and, for the first time, developing a character design for the series’ main antagonist, Maxen Meyer™.

In the midst of this ongoing character development, NextGeneration continues to develop the initial story of KT and his friends as they are awoken to, and prepare to battle, the forces of evil; make the most of their lives; and ultimately try to bring a message of love to a world that has forgotten how.

The action, the adventure, the music, the humor, and above all the inspiration…have only just begun. Let’s rock and roll. –MdeR

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